Have you ever asked yourself this question; ‘why does God want the rapture to be a surprise? Well, I haven’t until recently. Now thinking it thoroughly, if we all know when the rapture would take place, then I bet everyone that is called a ‘Christian’ would definitely and without doubt make it. But with God’s method of a surprise package, how many Christians would make it? The Bible tells us that God is a good God, so why has He chosen a surprise package?

I found an answer to this in the Bible; in Matt 24: 36-51, Jesus spoke on this issue and explained in details what would happen if we all knew and what would definitely happen since we do not know. There is something about what He said in v45 – ‘who then is a faithful and wise servant …’ and in v46 – ‘Blessed is that servant, whom his lord when he cometh shall find …’.

If we relate this to Paul’s exhortations, we would see, for example, like in Rom 12:1, that he often mentioned giving ourselves to God as a living sacrifice. I have always believed that Christianity is a religion of sacrifice and not one of convenience. God does not want hypocrites who claim to love Him but don’t show it to come join Him in Heaven; He is looking for TRUE worshippers, for those who would show faithfulness to Him like He has to us.

Just like we humans would say, that a man shows his true self when no one is watching, God knows that we humans are highly skilled in conforming in pretense to set rules when given an ultimatum. Thus, He knows that the only way to know those who are true is to come unawares.
I do pray to God that He would help me to behave as expected, all the days of my life, so that I would be one of the raptured. What about you?


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